SMP Solutions has re-branded!

Since May 2014, SMP Solutions HQ has been buzzing from the sound and mind power of collaborative planning, thinking, culminating in the creation of a new brand and website. Yes you heard it right, SMP Solutions has rebranded!

So, why did we rebrand? Cast your mind back to when you last visited the former SMP Solutions website. How engaging was the site? Did you fully understand what the business could offer you, your organisation or business? Although successful, based on feedback and comments from colleagues and clients, our previous website was ‘content heavy, tricky to navigate, outdated style wise and confusing’. Enough said, don’t you think?

Read on to find out how we successfully worked through the rebrand process with the invaluable help and support of Team SMP Solutions.

Stand Proud and Be the Best You Can Be!

We stand proud as we announce that SMP Solutions recently celebrated 12 years in business. A wonderful achievement, from which we have gained extensive insight and experience in the world of Career and People Development. It has been, and continues to be, an amazing evolution.

How did we make the rebrand happen?

Firstly, our wealth of experience and new thinking, led to a renewed focus on what SMP Solutions enjoys doing most and what we’re best at. In short, we refined our offer and key focus for businesses and individuals.

Secondly, as the ‘branches’ of the SMP Solutions tree have developed and grown, there has been a shift in company focus from the original ‘me’ aka director Steve Preston, to ‘us’ – a collaborative approach to the present and future success of our company. Our ‘tree’ now offers strong ‘branches’ made of a range of complementary skills and talents, enabling SMP Solutions to deliver the ideal solution to suit the needs of each individual client.

What makes us different?
With a renewed focus and refreshed perspective, SMP Solutions has brought together our unique 3 Pillars of Success approach to help us stand proud and be remarkable.

The 3 Pillars of Success

The 3 Pillars of Success focus on the three key areas we are most passionate about and where we’ve achieved the best outcomes:

1. Our unique 6 Steps Career and Change cycles
2. Our flexible, collaborative and responsive client-centred approach
3. Our team of expert and passionate coaches, trainers and consultants

How can you help?

When you visit our NEW website at we’d appreciate you spending a few minutes of your time to share your thoughts on these three questions:

1. What positives do you draw from the new site?
2. What is your overall impression of the new site?
3. What have you discovered that you were unaware of?
What are people saying?

Initial feedback from colleagues, clients and visitors has been very positive. A couple of clients got in touch to share that they had discovered ‘hidden talents’ (Leadership Development and Employee Engagement) on the new website, and as a result they now have clarity and a better understanding of what we can offer. As well you will discover that we have integrated the SMP Career Advice blog onto the new site.

And finally…

Sincere thanks and appreciation to the remarkable and talented ‘rebrand’ team whom without, we would not have achieved such a fantastic outcome. Together we stand proud as we continue to strive toward making SMP Solutions be the best ‘Career and People Development Consultancy‘ we can be! Huge thanks to Duncan MacGregor, Steve Bridger, Steve Engwell, Don Presland, Debbie Smith, Gary Willis, Gail Gibson, and Lin & Steve Preston.