“After 28 years service working at senior level within one of the largest global companies in the world, leaving my comfort zone and heading out into the big wide world was unthinkable, especially given the current climate. A good job, pension and many years service – it was scary and although usually a confident positive person – made me doubt myself, my capabilities outside of the corporate arms that had been surrounding me for so many years…

As a senior executive, I had learnt many management techniques over the years but when it came to applying them to myself, I failed to see a path and lacked the confidence to break away from the security that I had known for so many years. I needed someone who would understand and be able to work with me as an individual, not put me on a course or tell me to attend a series of workshops or take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I found Steve on LinkedIn and engaged his company to run a totally bespoke programme of tailored support for my executive outplacement.

We talked through my fears, concerns and tangled weeds that had built up in my mind… very quickly I found that the cloud was lifting. At my first session, Steve understood and started to help me turn my Fears into Focus…. The weight that I felt on my shoulders started to feel lighter and the cloud began to turn to glorious sunshine…. Steve and his team engaged quickly and enabled me to understand the value of my experience and network that I had built up over the years, they helped me to ‘reinvent’ myself as my own person, not that of a corporate brand… they helped me to really look at what was important to me and again through some great tools and techniques, focus and follow my passion into a field that I love.

Three months after our first meeting, I had the courage to leave the company that I had worked for so long and venture out to create my own company. I now feel totally energised and excited about the future and am flying forward and truly believe that this is down to Steve and his team, their excellent words of wisdom and overall executive outplacement support. They have provided me with a fantastic toolkit that enabled me to be logically shown the potential paths and be given the appropriate tools to help me gain back my energy, passion and make it possible… I feel younger and energised and so positive that not only my family and friends but my children’s friends are commenting on my positive vibes….

If you want to be in charge of your own future I strongly recommend that you engage SMP Solutions for your executive outplacement for a truly personalised service. Steve and his team have turned my dark world into a glorious bright future and I am sure he can do the same for you – don’t delay, turn your fear into focus and take charge of your own future – doing something that you love”

Steve – a massive THANK YOU AGAIN and AGAIN… I could not have done any of this without you and your team….

Jane Seeley