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SMP Solutions works with businesses throughout the private, public and charity sectors. Our expertise is in various aspects of Coaching, mostly around aspects that have positive impact at key times of change or uncertainty e.g:

  • Outplacement & Career Transition for executives and professionals
  • Performance Improvement – bespoke coaching for executives, managers and teams

We have proven experience and success in helping to turn around under performing managers and teams and boost already good performers.

In challenging, uncertain times, where change is about restructuring or downsizing, SMP Solutions has an enviable reputation and in-depth coaching knowledge to provide bespoke, quality outplacement support for employees facing redundancy or redeployment and also employees and teams affected by the loss of their colleagues.

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  • Career Transition

    Career Transition has a number of facets, which can be both proactive and reactive. SMP Solutions has developed an enviable reputation for Outplacement, Career Transition (including redeployment) in the Private and Public sectors and can support your organisation in the following ways:

    • To provide a range of bespoke, quality outplacement support aimed at different levels of employees, including your executives, groups and individuals who will be leaving the organisation, as a result of redundancy to help them successfully transition their careers
    • To guide and develop those managers and employees who are facing changing roles as a result of restructuring or redeployment within an organisation, so they will be effective and grow into in their new roles

    The unique breakthrough career development process, encapsulated within the Six Step Career Navigation Cycle created by SMP Solutions, combined with the expertise and empathy of our Career Coaches (who have all experienced redundancy and or significant career transitions) will help your departing employees overcome the threat of redundancy or redeployment and achieve a bright new future!

    Why provide Outplacement support for your departing employees? 

    • Provide the best possible new start for your departing employees
    • Improve morale and productivity of retained employees
    • Enhance your employer brand
    • Minimise the risk of employment litigation claims

    Read More > to see the range of Career Transition support SMP Solutions can provide your organisation

  • Performance Improvement

    Better people = better business and better results! By engaging and developing your people you will ensure you have the right people of the right calibre in the right place to overcome change, challenge and move the business forward.

    Consider these questions?

    1. How effective is your leadership team in delivering your business objectives?
    2. Are you using outdated or the most effective real-time methods to develop and motivate your existing management team and staff?
    3. Are your teams performing to their full potential or just coasting?
    4. Are your employees fully engaged with the business, its aims and aspirations and how do you monitor this?
    5. Are you noticing a drop-off in performance in times of transitional change and do you have an effective method to overcome this?
    6. How can you reshape and reinvigorate your business to unlock the potential of your people and teams, especially following redundancies or reorganisation?

    Read More > to find out more information on how SMP can work with you to help improve the performance of your leaders, managers and teams

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A sample of what our clients say about us

‘If you want to be in charge of your own future I strongly recommend that you engage SMP Solutions for your executive outplacement for a truly personalised service. Steve and his team have turned my dark world into a glorious bright future and I am sure SMP Solutions can do the same for you.’

‘I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your team away days to other senior colleagues who may be looking at their team development. I really think the day was pivotal for me with helping the team to move on, leave the unnecessary in the past and focus towards the future working and supporting each other.’