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Slideshare Your Way to Content Marketing Success

Did you know that Slideshare is predicted to be the fastest growing social network in 2013? Launched in 2006, originally as an online platform for teams to share documents within an organisation, Slideshare has seen rapid growth to become the world’s largest professional content sharing community. Recent figures indicate that Slideshare receives approximately 58 million unique […]

What Lies Beneath – Building your team to become a ‘remarkable’ organisation!

When you look at an iceberg what do you see? A massive chunk of ice seemingly suspended above the water line? What you are actually seeing is only the tip because at least 90% of the iceberg lies beneath the surface; it’s hidden from view. Is your organisation yet to recognise and realise what actually […]

3 Steps For Graduates To Making Yourself Visible to Prospective Employers

With unemployment high and graduate positions increasingly given to those with previous work experience – planning and organisation is crucial to making yourself visible to prospective employers. The following article provides some common sense tips and tricks that can help ensure you snag the best graduate jobs going. Step One: Create and organise your ‘generic’ […]

So you want to change your job or career?

The longer you have been in a job the harder making the break is likely to be. Times have changed as there are no ‘jobs for life’.  It is accepted people will change jobs every few years. You should not view this as a negative but a positive sign of improving yourself. It is likely […]

How to progress your career within your organisation

Most managers and staff find being promoted up the career ladder extremely stressful and one of the toughest and most frustrating challenges that they have had to overcome ranking with coping with divorce a CIPD report highlighted in 2008. Also, don’t expect your company to champion your career progression, unless you are extremely lucky, as […]

Before the CV- Establishing your true marketability!

When you either need to look for a new job or decide that the time is right, do you immediately dust off your CV, consider updating it, adding relevant new information, then fire it out to as many companies, organisations, agencies and job boards as possible. Sound familiar? This is often the biggest mistake that […]

Portfolio Career – It’s your CHOICE!

Have you thought about starting your own business but have held back because you could not decide which route to go down? Lots of ideas and options but unsure how to choose? Do you love variety and differing challenges? If so, a portfolio career could be for you! What is a Portfolio Career? Employment specialists […]