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Uncharted Times Calls for Different Thinking About Outplacement Support

With so many employees already work casualties of the Covid crisis and many more still furloughed and awaiting their fate, HR, Operations and Finance have some key questions to consider: Will you treat all employees the same i.e. a ‘one size fits all approach’? How will you differentiate support for your executives and senior managers? […]

How Will Your Business or Organisation Decide on Outplacement Support?

We are in unprecedented times with companies and organisations needing to cut costs and downsize staffing levels to meet the new challenges that lie ahead, due to the impact of the Covid crisis. There will clearly be many challenges for HR, Finance and Operations in the months ahead e.g.: Decisions on staff who are currently […]

Transitioning from Academia into Employment

Transitioning from academia into employment for graduates Are you one of the millions of young people looking to transition from academia into employment but unsure how to move forward? Have you got the ‘graduation blues’? If this is your first foray into the world of work, after enjoying university life, for most people it is […]

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Are leaders born or made? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in all leadership development and one I was asked to write about for a leadership journal a few years ago. But what is this question really asking? Is it asking whether someone will emerge as a leader among a group of peers, […]

Outplacement or Career Transition?

Supporting Organisational Change with ‘Outplacement’ You might be working for an organisation that is looking at laying off staff due to the need to cut costs or because you want to become more efficient. If so, what are your thoughts about how you might support the staff who will be leaving as a result of […]

Why everybody is in Sales, even you

Have you heard the saying that ‘everybody is in sales’? If not, you might be wondering how this can be and where this is going? Sales Perception For many people the very mention of ‘sales’ is a dirty word and sends shudders down them, conjuring up visions of pushy double glazing salesmen, estate agents (real […]

Customer Service Optional – The Computer Says No!

You may well know this brilliant turn of phrase from the infamous Little Britain comedy sketches. However, this is a real life customer service ‘nasty’, albeit in very abbreviated form to be of more general interest with some real learning points! Does your system drive your people or do your people drive your system? This […]

Meetings bloody meetings?

Meetings bloody meetings! The ‘more mature’ readers of this blog will no doubt remember the infamous John Cleese Video Arts training video by this name! How times have changed since, as were are now in the 21st century digital age but how have meetings changed? Let’s take a closer look. What typical research shows A recent […]